Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sunny Deol on Big Boss What is The Story?

Sunny deol on big boss 9

Ghayal once again actor Sunny Deol's visit on Big Boss season 9 set is trending right now. Sunny Deol and Salman Khan has relations in the industry. Big Boss show invited Sunny for the promotion of his upcoming action movie ghayal once again. Sunny came to bigg boss set which is situated in lonavala. 

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Show's shooting was scheduled to start on 6pm but till 10pm, big boss crew was unable to start the shooting. As sunny is not used to for these now days hectic promotions event, he decided to leave the show without shooting. Though shooting couldn't take place, sunny deol and Salman khan meet each other on the set.

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Sunny also posted his pic with Salman khan on the set of the Big Boss 9. Hope they will reschedule the shooting of this show as it will be very interesting to see these 2 actors sharing stage. We will update you guys more about the film in our blog.

Lapak Jhapak Song is Out Ghayal Once Again


Sunny Deol is back with great action movie Ghayal Once Again. First Song of the film Lapak Jhapak is launched on 29th December 2015. You can check the song below. Song featuring 4 college youngsters about whom we discuss in our ghayal once again story article. Song may appear in the first half of the movie but it is not official yet. 

Ghayal once again trailer 2016

As it is the first song of the movie, you will see more songs of the movie soon. Let check the First song of the ghayal once again Lapak Jhapak.

College youngsters did a great job in the song. This is very energetic song and really good piece of music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. We will update more news about music and collection on our blog soon.

Release date of ghayal once again

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Soha Ali Khan Slap Sunny on Ghayal Once Again Set

ghayal once again set soha ali khan

According to recent reports, Soha Ali Khan slap Sunny Deol on the set of ghayal once again. But don't get me wrong as it was not intentional or any type of controversy. In one of the sequence of the film when Sunny losses his calm, Soha Ali Khan who is playing role of doctor in the upcoming ghayal sequence slap him to control his cool. 

As scene was intensive and Soha was involved so much in the character, when shooting started she slap Sunny really hard. Everyone on the set was extremely shocked and surprised to see that. Even soha was shocked after slapping Sunny. But even after this incident, one of the coolest actor in Bollywood didn't react much. 

Sunny just let it go as it was not intentional and stopped it from becoming huge controversy. Sunny's fans are waiting for his comeback film. It was first named as ghayal returns but finally coming with title ghayal once again. Let see how film will do in next month but After looking at news it is clear that film cast and crew is working extremely hard to make this movie successful. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Ghayal Once Again Sunny Deol’s Bald Look

sunny deol goes bald for ghayal Once again

Sunny Deol is working really hard for his upcoming comeback action movie ghayal once again. First the film was postponed to complete the VFX sequences properly. Now Sunny goes bald for one of the jail sequence in the film. According to news Jail sequence in the film required to show mental stress and trauma in jail. Shaving the head was part of this scene. 

Make up artist Clover Wootton did extraordinary job to give this terrific look to Sunny. According to reports, Sunny was very satisfied for his new look. Now it will be interesting to see where and how this new look is used in the film. Time will tell the effectiveness of this look but one thing is sure that Sunny Deol and cast of ghayal sequence leaving no stone behind to make his comeback much bigger. 

Film is slowly creating buzz and probably producers will use Christmas ans new year holidays to promote it at its peak. 

Visit to see Ghayal Trailer here.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Ghayal Once Again Release Date

Release Date of Ghayal Once Again

Sunny Deol starer ghayal once again was set to release in Diwali 2015 along with Salaman Khan starer Prem ratan dhan payo. But film release was postponed to 15th January 2016. Postponing this film make a lots of news and huge number of different speculations were trending in the industry. 

Check first look of ghayal once again here

Some people were saying film was postponed to avoid competition with Salaman Khan's movie which was released on same day. But when official news came all these speculations turned false. As we know this action movie is coming with great VFX work, its VFX work was still remaining. Because of this producers have to postponed the movie for 2 months. 

Film crew is working in full swing to complete the remaining VFX work. Now film will release on 15th Jan next year with combination of great action and VFX effects. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ghayal Once Again Cast and Crew

cast of ghayal once again

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is making comeback after a long time. What makes his comeback special is that he is also a director of this film. It is his second film as a director, first one was Dillagi. He will play a lead role of Ajay Mehra in Ghayal Once Again. If you take a look of trailer, his presence is impressive and probably this movie will be milestone of his career.

Om Puri

Though Om Puri was not a part of movies first trailer, his voice was playing imporant role to make that trailer popular. He is playing role of ACP Joe D'Souza in the movie.

Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan is playing role of doctor in the movie. I don't know if I missed that but I was unable to find Soha in the first trailer of the movie. Probably she has some small role or she will play an important part in upcoming trailers.

Neha Khan

Talented actress Neha Khan will play a role of Renu in the film. As film's story moves around 4 youngsters, she will be one of them.

Diana Khan

Diana Khan is playing role of Zoya probably other youngster in the film.
She is a same actress who got famous after Cadbury advertisement.

Shivam Patil

Shivam Patil is playing a role of youngster Rohan in this upcoming movie. 

Some other important cast members are Narendra Jha, Tiska Chopra, Rishabh Arora and Aanchal Munjal.

Ghayal Once Again Trailer 2015

Watch this Trailer of Ghayal once again movie. Trailer starts with remembering school and college days. 4 youngsters are also mentioned in the begining of the trailer. When we talked about first look in which 4 hands were holding Sunny Deol's hand. That time I guess that there may be 2 young couples and guess was right.

One more thing mentioned in the trailer is most powerful man in the country. These 4 youngsters are fighting with this powerful villain. Villain is describing himself as capable of erasing identity of these youngsters. Here Sunny Deol (Hero of the movie) enters with famous saying of "Agar ham sach ke sath hai to hame jitne tak har nahi manani chahiye." 

Sunny Deol is  shown as a man who stands between those 4 youngsters and powerful villain in the country. Trailer is looking impressive and what more impressive is Sunny Deol's comeback after long time. There is no sign of age on his energy and face. That's why he is known as one of the best action hero in the country. 

Finally I can say that very good action film is coming. So be ready for one of the best action movie of 2016.